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Yasar Yaghi, MD


Dr. Yasar Yaghi is the Principal Investigator for the Lewy Body Dementia Clinic and the Director of the Parkinsonism and Dementia Clinic at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital. He spearheads an initiative to care for a growing population of aging patients with neurodegenerative conditions. Dr. Yaghi obtained his medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine and subsequently completed his residency and fellowship training at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. He specializes in movement disorders and dementia, where he is an investigator in research, with specific training and expertise in Lewy body dementia and atypical Parkinsonism. Dr. Yaghi’s research focus is in neurodegeneration, and movement disorders such as Lewy body dementia, and Parkinson’s disease. Additionally, he evaluates patients with Alzheimer’s disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and Huntington’s disease. Dr. Yaghi is published widely in peer reviewed scientific and medical journals on the topics of diagnosing and treating neurodegenerative diseases.

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