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Compelling preclinical and clinical research conducted at Georgetown University by KeifeRx’s co-founder, Charbel Moussa, MBBS, Ph.D., has demonstrated the ability of kinase inhibitors to enable protein clearance and eliminate the inflammatory response.  

The Science Behind KeifeRx

​​KeifeRx’s orally bioavailable small molecules are designed to leverage high brain penetration to re-activate autophagy and remove disease-causing toxic proteins in the brain. Activation of autophagy has been clinically demonstrated to reverse neurodegenerative disease progression, and has the potential to significantly improve upon current neurodegenerative disease treatments, which are primarily palliative.

KeifeRx’s selective kinase inhibitors also act on the immune system via mast cells, which play an essential role in the innate immune response at sites of injury. In the brain, mast cells play a role in initiating the neuro-inflammatory response. Targeting the pro-inflammatory pathways mediated by these cells uniquely enables KeifeRx to reduce neuro-inflammation and peripheral inflammation to provide disease modifying treatments for neurodegenerative disease as well as inflammatory indications.


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